Tips For Transforming That Unused Room Into an Activity Center

Not every homeowner has the luxury of an extra space in their house that is dedicated exclusively to gaming. Those who do, however, understand that these spaces can be invaluable to keeping the family together and blowing off steam at the end of a busy workday. Whether you challenge your kids to a game of table shuffleboard, play a relaxing round of billiards or take out your aggression on a pinball machine when you use your game room, you likely wouldn't trade it for a guest bedroom or another kind of space.

If you are just now going about building your game room or transforming an underutilized space in your house into this kind of activity center, there are several considerations that you should take to make sure your space is as enjoyable as possible.

For starters, the people who use this room are likely to get a little rowdy from time to time, and you should consider decorating the space in a way that will mitigate the noise as much as possible. The first thing you should do is cover up any hardwood or linoleum in this room. Carpeting is best because the fibers are better at absorbing noise, while a harder surface will only make the sound waves bounce, causing reverberations that will likely bother others  who aren't participating in the fun.

Another way to make noise less of a problem in your game room is to hang heavy curtains. Like the carpeting, these fabrics will absorb sound where it would otherwise bounce around the room. Even if you don't have windows in this room, hang some drapes along the walls to help keep the noise down.

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