4 Top Questions Asked of our Interior Designers in December

As our Interior Designers are meeting with client’s in their home or in our Design Showroom, we will often be asked questions that seems to be common among our clientele.  We have gathered four of the top questions asked in December and compiled them here with the answers to help you with your personal design.

Question 1:  How long should my draperies be?

Drapery length is really a matter of personal opinion and there is no set rule of thumb.  The majority of draperies we make in our onsite Workroom just kiss the floor according to our designers.  However, some clients like them to puddle on the floor a few inches.  As your draperies are custom made, we can fabricate them exactly as you like!  We can also cut them down if needed!

Question 2:  I am hearing a lot about luxury vinyl, is it like traditional sheet vinyl?

Luxury Vinyl is available in planks (LVP) or tiles (LVT).  This rapidly growing segment for the flooring industry is quite different compared to sheet vinyl.
Sheet vinyl comes in typically 6′, 12′, or 13’2″ widths and is one continuous sheet that typically fits wall-to-wall.  If it has a pattern, it will have a pattern repeat, so the wood knot or tile marking will repeat across the width and length.  A larger pattern and the widths available may require additional material than you need.  This floor can be repaired, but it is a patch that may be visible.  Sheet vinyl is typically glued down, but some products can be installed loose lay.
Luxury Vinyl Flooring is individual pieces of vinyl and limestone composite flooring that is available in planks or tiles.  It is more durable and does not have a pattern repeat.  The planks look very much like wood or tile patterns, especially with today’s modern print technology.  This floor can be glued down, locking, or loosely depending on the product.  Some tiles visuals can also be grouted with an acrylic grout for a visual that will fool most people in believing it is ceramic or porcelain tiles.
Come by our Showroom to see the different looks and which product is best for your home.

Question 3:  I saw on television concerns about corded shades.  Are your Hunter Douglas shades safe for my children or pets?

From cordless and motorized operating systems, retractable lift cords, cord tensioners and wand controls, we offer a wide array of lifting system options for enhanced child and pet safety on our Hunter Douglas products.  We take your families safety very seriously!  We also offer free cordless upgrades on the most popular products including Duette Honeycomb Shades, Everwood Faux Wood Blinds, Designer Roller Shades, and Designer Screen Shades!  Ask your Interior Designer for more information.  CLICK HERE for a list of safety features on Hunter Douglas shades.

Question 4:  We saw on television about Lumber Liquidators selling laminate flooring with formaldehyde.  Are your laminate floors safe?

Yes!  We take your families health and safety very seriously!  The California Air Resources Board (CARB) implemented standards to improve indoor air quality by tightening limits for formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products. In 2012, the CARB formaldehyde standard was made even more stringent – lowering the limit to 0.05 parts per million. This enhanced phase is often referred to as CARB 2. CARB Compliance requires third-party testing. Our laminate and engineered hardwood products meet or exceed CARB 2 requirements and are certified by a third party by each manufacturer.  We have documentation on hand to verify each product is consistent with the laws, safe for your family, and no health risk.  You can be confident that your flooring is safe!